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The Importance of Proper Makeup Remover Singapore

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The internet is filled with tons of tips as far as using makeup is concerned. From the different makeup techniques to helpful tutorials on how to achieve particular makeup looks, you can find a bevy of information online. However, the most crucial aspect is usually left out, and that is the makeup remover in Singapore.



Many women deal with skin breakouts and problems since many of them commit a serious crime in using makeup: not removing their makeup before they sleep. To make things worse, makeup removal isn’t easy at all. There are a right and proper method to remove makeup to ensure that no dangerous residues left on your skin.


Why is Makeup Removal Essential in Singapore?

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Makeup Remover Singapore

The question can answer itself. But, it must be discussed to help women understand all the risks associated when you don’t remove your makeup, especially before you hit the bed. No matter how heavy or little makeup you wore that day, it can still have risky consequences on your skin.

Makeup products often contain some chemical formulas, except if you are using organic products. These formulas can leave impurities behind and end up clogging your pores. Once these chemicals stay on your skin, they can cause allergies, breakouts and other types of skin conditions.

Clogged pores can also prevent other skincare products you use like anti-wrinkle lotion, creams, and serums from taking effect. When your pores stay blocked for a long time, sooner or later, pimples and blackheads will appear.


Tips to Remove Makeup

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The number one step for makeup removal Singapore is to do a first pass on the makeup you wear. Remove your makeup gently with a makeup removing wipe. If you have heavy makeup, you might want to use a heavier formula like an oil-based cleanser. It ensures that you removed the majority of your makeup.

Next, cleanse your face. It helps gently exfoliate skin and pores to eliminate makeup products that your cleansing wipes left behind. When you wash your face using a cleanser, ensure that you give it a gentle scrub. This way, you can remove impurities with no need to be harsh on your face. You can opt for an oil-based cleansing so that your skin will not dry out once you are done cleaning it.

Focus on eye makeup removal next. It is the most challenging to remove as far as makeup removal is concerned. Use a specially formulated eye makeup remover then put a tiny amount on a cotton ball. Press this cotton ball lightly against your eyelids and gently wipe off the formula from your eyes. Don’t rub your eyes when you remove your makeup as it will only stretch the skin around your eyes that can form into wrinkles.

Lastly, re-hydrate your skin as the last step of the makeup remover in Singapore. Use a hydrating or moisturizing cream on your face and dab it lightly with a cotton ball. Focus on your eye area which tends to dry fast. Massage the cream on every part of your face including your forehead, cheeks, contours of cheek and nose, and even your neck.

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How Can R3R Product Help With Makeup Remover in Singapore?

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Instead of seeking help from Aesthetician, you can perform makeup removal with the R3R Products at Home. There are 5 Core R3R Products which delivers different Functions & Benefits including fast and effective removal of makeup.

R3R Suite of Facial Products


  1. Duo R Cleanser
  2. Revitalising Toner
  3. Renewal Essence
  4. Restoring Moisturizer
  5. Ultra Violet A/B Ray Protection


All of these products contain the Apple Stem Cells which boost skin regeneration and rejuvenation while helping to remove the makeup fast, thanks to R3R’s encapsulation technology embedded in the products.

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What Are The Other Applications of R3R Products?

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The Following is a list of other applications which R3R Facial products could help to improve your skin or facial condition such as Anti AgingAcne Face Wash, Best Make Up Remover For Sensitive SkinDark Spots On FaceDry Skin, Face Blemishes, Face Peel, Face Sunscreen, Face Wash For Sensitive SkinFace Whitening, Facial Cleanser For Combination SkinFacial For ManOily SkinPore Minimizer, Simple Face Wash, Skin Lift and Wrinkle Remover


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