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Face Wash for Dry Skin Singapore

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face wash for dry skin singaporeDry skin can be a constant struggle even during summer months. Good thing there are many steps you can take to restore your skin’s hydration. You can invest in quality moisturizer, stay away from products containing alcohol, and lessen your hot shower sessions.

However, even when you do all these things, there is one big mistake you might not realize doing night after night. It is washing your face but doing it the wrong way.

If your skin is dry, washing your face is not that simple. Use wrong products and you will wreak havoc on your skin and turn it drier than before. If you are not still using the best face wash for dry skin Singapore, you can follow some simple tips.


Use Oil for Cleansing

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Don’t confuse it with the famous oil-cleansing method, cleansing using oils can be a natural and affordable way to care for your dry skin. Choose fragrance-free oil preferably organic with no added ingredients. Massage it on your skin until it breaks down your makeup. Rinse it off using warm water or you can wipe with a warm and wet washcloth. It will make your skin feel supple, soft, and moisturized without stripping it dry.


Pick a Hydrating Cleanser

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Change your cleanser for something that suits dry skin. You may discover that such a simple change can reduce the dryness of your skin right away. A lot of people use overly drying and harsh cleansers without knowing the effects on the skin. When your skin feels itchy or tight after cleansing, it means your cleanser is stripping and drying your skin. The challenging part is to find a hydrating and gentle cleanser which effectively removes makeup and dirt. Good thing you can find several gems out there.


Go for Toners

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Toners can give benefits to your skin but these can be drying as well because of their alcohol content. This doesn’t mean you should remove toners from your regular cleansing regime together. The truth is these can restore your skin’s pH balance and reduce dryness. The secret is to search for alcohol-free toner. Just put the toner on a cotton ball before moisturizing after cleansing your dry skin.


Be Careful with Makeup Removal Wipes

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Makeup removal wipes are lifesavers when it is impossible to wash your face when nighttime comes. The makeup must be removed after all. Having said this, it is not often a great idea to just rely on wipes each night since they don’t do a great job in skin cleaning. Thus, you have to sparingly use your makeup removal wipes.

If your skin is dry, you have to be extra picky as far as choosing your removal wipes is concerned. Anything containing alcohol is going to cause drying and it is best to stay away from fragrance since this can be irritating. Fragrance and alcohol-free baby wipes are an affordable and excellent option but you must pick wipes which can offer an added hydration boost.

Choosing a good face wash for dry skin Singapore can make a significant change to your routine. Contact us to buy our products online or register for a free demonstration.


How Can R3R Product Help With Dry Skin?

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Instead of seeking help from Aesthetician, you can combat dry skin yourself with the R3R Products at Home. There are 5 Core R3R Products which delivers different Functions & Benefits including managing dry skin.

R3R Suite of Facial Products


  1. Duo R Cleanser
  2. Revitalising Toner
  3. Renewal Essence
  4. Restoring Moisturizer
  5. Ultra Violet A/B Ray Protection


All of these products contain the Apple Stem Cells which boost skin regeneration and rejuvenation while helping to decrease dry skin condition. We recommend using the product 1,2,3 & 4 for dry skin.

Contact us for a free demonstration of the products use to achieve the best results for dry skin.


What Are The Other Applications of R3R Products?

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The Following is a list of other applications which R3R Facial products could help to improve your skin or facial condition such as Anti AgingAcne Face Wash, Best Make Up Remover For Sensitive SkinDark Spots On FaceFace Blemishes, Face Peel, Face Sunscreen, Face Wash For Sensitive SkinFace Whitening, Facial Cleanser For Combination Skin, Makeup RemoverFacial For ManOily SkinPore Minimizer, Simple Face Wash, Skin Lift and Wrinkle Remover



Learn Effective Face Wash For Dry Skin in Singapore

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Watch this Incredible R3R Duo R Cleanser & Toner Demo on Hand demonstrating the magic of  Encapsulation Technology & Apple Stem Cells.

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