Dark Spots On Face in Singapore

How Best to Manage Dark Spots on Face in Singapore
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The Things You Have to Know about Dark Spots on Face in Singapore

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Darks Spots on Face Singapore


Dark spots refer to skin’s hyperpigmentation, which occurs commonly in middle-aged women. Pigmentations or dark spots happen when localized patches of produced melanin accumulate on a particular skin area.

It may be located on your face, forehead or cheekbones. Other dark spots on face Singapore might mean serious skin issues and you must consult dermatologist once you become suspicious.


Symptoms and Signs of Dark Spots

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Spots appear due to overexposure to sunlight including acne and age spots, which are the first signs of the dark spots. Oftentimes, they affect the radiance and uniformity of your skin, which indicates that your skin is aging.

Dark spots are basically preludes for wrinkles and may strike anyone, regardless of the skin color and type. Majority of women find their dark spots uncomfortable living and would cover them using clothing and makeup.


Dark Spots and The Causes

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There are some factors that result in dark spots including pregnancy, genetics, skin diseases, and UV light among others. Between the ages of twenty and fifty, the hormonal variances caused by contraceptive pills, stress, menopause, and pregnancies may also cause dark spots. Too much exposure to sunlight from sun baking accounts for dark spots at a later stage in life. Below the 20s, acne may cause dark spots because of red marks and scarring left by the infection.


Fighting Dark Spots on Face Singapore

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  • Skin Brightening Creams – Such creams contain a combination of ingredients that the skin needs to stay glowing and healthy. These provide essential ingredients to help in the speedy elimination of wrinkles, freckles, acne, and dark spots.


  • Aloe Vera – It is known for its ability to get rid of scars from minor burns. It can also reduce the appearance of brown and dark spots on the skin. The fresh gel must be applied gently on the affected area as well as left for thirty minutes before wiping that off.


  • Vitamin E – It also helps in getting rid of the free radicals, which accelerate the process of aging, making dark spots and wrinkles more conspicuous. It has also antioxidants and moisturizing abilities. The spots arising from injuries and burns are also eliminated quickly by vitamin E since it boosts the process of healing.


  • Green Tea Extract – Such contain antioxidants, which get rid of the free radicals that slow down the process of aging. In addition to that, they stimulate the generation of much healthier collagen.


  • Castor Oil – It comes with strong ingredients important to deal with dark spots and age spots. You must apply castor oil with the help of cleaner cotton cloth to the affected area twice daily.


Dark spots on face in Singapore might have an impact not just on your physical aspects, but also these can also affect your emotional health, particularly if your self-esteem or confidence level is reducing each time you see dark spots on your face. If you want to end this problem of yours, call or contact us to buy our best line of products and register for a free demonstration.


How Can R3R Product Help With Dark Spots On Face in Singapore?

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Instead of seeking help from Aesthetician or experimenting with different options such as those mentioned above, you can manage dark spots on face yourself with the R3R Products at Home. There are 5 Core R3R Products which delivers different Functions & Benefits and saves you all the time and hassles of searching for an effective solution. Try it out and you will be amazed how R3R products can help you manage the dark spots yet at a really affordable price.

R3R 5 Facial Products


  1. Duo R Cleanser
  2. Revitalising Toner
  3. Renewal Essence
  4. Restoring Moisturizer
  5. Ultra Violet A/B Ray Protection


All of these products contain the Apple Stem Cells which boost skin regeneration and rejuvenation while helping to increase face whitening effect.

Managing Dark Spots is one important aspect to achieve a younger looking skin. Contact us to sign up to get a free demonstration of the product usage to achieve the best results in managing dark spots on face.


What Are The Other Applications of R3R Products?

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The Following is a list of other applications which R3R Facial products could help to improve your skin or facial condition such as Anti AgingAcne Face Wash, Best Make Up Remover For Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin, Face Blemishes, Face Peel, Face Sunscreen, Face Wash For Sensitive SkinFace Whitening, Facial Cleanser For Combination Skin, Makeup RemoverFacial For ManOily SkinPore Minimizer, Simple Face Wash, Skin Lift and Wrinkle Remover


Find Out How R3R Product Helps in Dark Spots on Face in Singapore

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