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We Are The Independent Sales Distributor For R3R International Products in Singapore.
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Who Are We?
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Logo topFacial Cleaner Singapore is the Independent Sales Distributor of R3R International Products in Singapore.

At Facial Cleanser Singapore, you can be assured that all of your skin care needs will be met with R3R International Products. Unlike others, we don’t claim anything. We just show how effective the R3R products are as we always aim to help you get the best possible results for your skin care needs in Singapore.



What Makes Us Apart From Others
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We Only Use Effective and Safe Ingredients


Most brands use potentially harmful and ineffective ingredients. But, unlike them, we are different. Our product manufacturer R3R International always make sure that all of the ingredients in the formulation of our products are not only safe but also effective. In this way, we can guarantee that you will only get nothing but the results you have always wanted.

Some of the elements we avoid are:

  • Parabens – These are widely used in skin care as preservatives. In a recent study, it was suggested that parabens can cause cancer as well as interfere with hormonal balance. They may also cause some allergic reactions.


  • Fragrances – Most of these are toxic and might affect one’s central nervous system. You should avoid fragrances in the skin products once you apply it on your skin. If you like to smell nice, you can use perfumes in some places.


  • Mineral Oil – It is a petrol byproduct, which clogs pores and interferes with the elimination of toxins in the skin that causes acne. The skin may also be dependent on it and if you do not use it, the skin would get drier.


We Only Use Proven Formulas


The ingredients used in the formulation of the products have undergone extensive lab research by R3R International to prove their effectiveness. That is why you can expect that the product’s formulas are proven to be effective.


Good Reputation in the Market


We know how important skin care is for many people. This is why we always prioritize your skin care needs and offer effective products only. Because of this, we earned a good reputation from our consumers.

R3R International has a mission and philosophy and that is to offer only the products that will bring results to our consumer needs. They also invest most of our resources in development, innovation, and research. Aside from that, they use effective ingredients that are proven to be safe. The prices of our products are also affordable.


Should You Choose Us?
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There are many reasons why you should choose us. Regardless of your skin care needs, no matter what your concerns are, you can be assured that you will find the perfect product suited for your unique skin care requirements. If you are confused with the available options, we got you covered. We have a variety of R3R products ideal for your needs. Just tell us what you need and we’ll be happy to help you with any of your concerns.

To know more information about our R3R line of products, make sure to call us and get free demonstration once you register immediately.


We Let You See IT, Feel IT, Touch IT!

See IT, Touch IT, Feel IT

Watch this Incredible R3R Duo R Cleanser & Toner Demo on Hand demonstrating the magic of  Encapsulation Technology & Apple Stem Cells.

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