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Clean, Skin Renew & Repair, Anti-Aging & Whitening

Our 5 core R3R Product I to V cater to your everyday needs of Facial Cleaning, Skin Repair & Renew, Moisturizing and UltraViolet A/B Ray Protection.


REGENERATE All Night: Promotes cell regeneration. leaving skin smooth & moisturized. REJUVENATE All Day: Let Your Skin Glow with a Healthy Radiance From Inside Out! REVITALISE With Love: Natural Ingredients which Delivers the Anti-Aging effects.


R3R unique Skincare series is enriched with the Uttwiler Spatlauber Apple extract. This unique apple extract from Switzerland has been proven to induce cell regeneration which is how the product will make you look younger after each wash. Some key applications below.

Anti & Reverse Aging
Empowered by Uttwiler Spatlauber Apple Stem Cells, R3R products Slows down & Reverse the aging process of the skin. It gives the skin a soft and smooth feel and helps regenerate skin cells.
Makeup Removal
R3R Duo Cleanser effectively remove your makeups within 1-2 minutes, reduce the hassels of spending more time for makeup removal.
Remove Wrinkles, Scars & Pigmentation
R3R products prevents the formation of wrinkles and protects the skin cells from the harms of UV rays which is one of the key reason for pigmentation. It also aids in repairing & revitalizing skin cells to reduce the appearance of dark spots & scars.
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We are the Independent Sales Distributor for R3R Product.


R3R products are jointly formulated in Singapore, Switzerland and New Zealand, manufactured in New Zealand and Taiwan, conform to the standards of GMP.

The Product is owned and distributed by R3R International.

The Secret Behind The R3R Duo R Cleanser

Cell death caused by the exposure of skin to sunlight gets reduced by up to 50% upon regular usage of products containing this special ingredient.


  • Reverse the aging process of your skin
  • Eradicate wrinkles, scars, pigmentation-problems
  • Speeds up renewal and repair of skin


“I had an oily skin problem and I had tried many brands of facial cleanser but all don’t work as well as R3R cleanser & Toner. My friend recommended to me, I can tell the difference after a few days and my facial condition is significantly better now.”   – Mr. Lee (Marine Parade)


“The pimples and black heads on my face had been bothering me for some time. I recently tried the r3r Facial Cleanser & Toner and I was surprised that it helps to remedy the skin better than other products where I have less pimple and black heads now! I am more confident now with my new facial condition.” – Ms Tan (Jurong)


“I had black spots and pigmentations on my face due to the negligence of care. I had to put on thicker makeups and had to spend a long time to remove in the night. With the R3R Cleanser, I can see a significant reduction in the pigmentation & black spots & the whitening effect on my face. This is certainly a Value for Money product which delivers results!” – Mrs Ting (Serangoon Central)
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Product Demo & Sharing Session

We have R3R Product Demonstration & Sharing on Every Saturday Afternoon 2pm to 4pm where you will learn how to use the product to achieve the best results. Come and join us and ask any questions to our experts there.

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Business Opportunity

Those of you who wish to evolve from a consumer of R3R products to become business associates to make attractive passive incomes, contact us for more details.

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